Pre-Christmas Chili Dinner & Parade

We were invited to a friend’s house for a pre-Christmas chili dinner today. This is before we headed out. Yes, it was unseasonably warm.


Owen accidentally found his old Buzz Lightyear that I was going to surprise him with on Christmas…so I made him “help me around the house” to earn it—and he never set it down except to get dressed! (We just watched Toy Story for the first time a few weeks ago and he loves it!


Katie wanted to go outside.



Owen had fun playing with all the kids there—running around outside (with Buzz, of course!). And Katie had fun wandering in a new house. There were enough other parents there that you didn’t actually have to keep a dedicated eye on your kids so it was more enjoyable than I thought it would be.

We originally weren’t going to stay for the parade because it started at 7 (Katie’s bedtime) but they changed it to 5:30 so we were able to go! Our first parade! And a small-town parade at that! It’s been A LONG TIME since I’ve seen any parade—let alone a small-town one—and I was reminded just how interesting they were…about five police cars (county and city from surrounding areas), six fire trucks, ambulances, people who were running for mayor/commissioner/whatever, girl/boy scout troops, etc. Blah. Let’s just say I’d never have gone except I wanted Owen to see it since he’s in love with everything Christmas. And it was warm (it was 65).

But I have to say a parade in the dark is kinda crap. There’s lights on the trucks/floats/etc. but you can’t see any of the signs. But Owen had fun so that’s what matters!

Waiting for the parade to start:


The posse we were with (not everyone):


Yes, Buzz came with him. Owen never set him down all night.



2013-12-21 17.59.03


2013-12-21 18.00.33

They were throwing candy and Owen got a raspberry lemonade sucker that he didn’t like—but Katie did!

2013-12-21 18.06.45

2013-12-21 18.06.49

2013-12-21 18.08.25

The fire trucks were loud!

2013-12-21 18.09.29

Happy boy!

2013-12-21 18.13.43

2013-12-21 18.17.42

Santa ending the parade!

2013-12-21 18.20.41

Then it was a quick walk back to the host’s house, goodbyes, and we were home by 6:40!

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