Owenisms 33

Owen: I don’t like that smoke.
Me: It’s exhaust.
Owen: I don’t like it—it tastes like bad.

Owen: Mom I feel blue.
Me: Blue? (Making sure I heard him right.)
Owen: Yes, blue. It means sad.
Me: Yes, it does. Where did you learn that?
Owen: Learning school.

Trying to decide what to take for Show & Tell this week that starts with C or is holiday-related.
Me: How about a coyote?
Owen: What’s that?
Me: It’s like a wolf.
Owen: We don’t have that.
Me: How about chocolate? Or cheese balls?
Owen: Noooo! You don’t take food.
Me: How about crayons?
Owen: No—we have those at school.
Me: How about your [Fisher-Price] Christmas tree?
Owen: YES!

(It’s part of a Fisher-Price Christmas Village Owen got from Aunt Marie and Uncle Doug two Christmases ago. Both kids LOVE it!)


Owen put his ninja costume on.
Owen: Mama, if there’s a bad ninja in the house I will take care of him!
Me: Are you a bad ninja?
Owen: NO! I’m a good ninja!

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