Owenisms 32

Me: Katie, you need to put that ornament back on the tree.
Owen: Yeah! Or Santa won’t be happy!

On the way to school:
Owen: Mama look! We’re holding hands!
Me: Awww! That’s so sweet!
Owen: Yeah, I love Katie.
A minute or so later:
Owen: I’m done holding her hand. My arm is tired.


On the way home from school, we were trying to think of G things Owen could take for Show & Tell this week.
Me: You could take garbage.
Owen: Nooo! That’s stinky.
Me: You could take our garage.
Owen: Moooom! That’s too heavy.
Me: You could take Gramma.
Owen: Which one?
Me: Gramma Jean.
Owen: No, she’s not here. [As if the other ones might have been?!]

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