Owenisms 31

Owen: Mama! Watch me! He runs around the living room moving his feet really fast.
Me: Wow, that’s fancy!
Owen: Yes! Do you know where I learned it?
Me: No.
Owen: Galloping school!
Me: Galloping school?
Owen: Yes, next door to my school!

Owen just came up to me and said “You don’t smell like the queen.” I had to think a minute. Oh! Yes. He was quoting A Bug’s Life. :) Then he says “You smell like a mom.”

Our neighbors put up their Christmas lights. Owen noticed them at night when they were all lit up.
Owen: Mama, look!
Me: I know—aren’t their lights pretty?
Owen: Yes! Mama, when are you going to put our lights up?

I hung the stockings while Owen was at school today so told him there was a surprise for him at home.
Owen: What is it?
Me: Go look around.
Me: Is that a good surprise?
Owen: Yes. Where are the two reindeer?
Man he has a good memory. I usually put out two silver reindeer…and he knew they were missing!
Me: They’re still in the garage.
Owen: Mama, you have to put them out.

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