Kids are freaky.

So a few days ago, this rash erupted on Katie.




Freaked me out, of course. I assumed it was just some random kid thing so gave her Benedryl…and emailed my sister who knows all things dermatological. She asked if Katie had been sick recently… Why, yes, she had been. She guessed it wasn’t anything to worry about and to just keep an eye on it. Luckily it didn’t appear to be terribly itchy (I caught Katie rubbing around her neck once but that was about it.)

The next morning, the torso rash was just about gone but there were new spots on her arms and legs. Freaky. Another day (this morning) and it’s all about gone.


One thought on “Kids are freaky.

  1. OMG! I would have certainly freaked out! Good thing you called Kath. She’s so good at that. Wonder why being sick made her break out like that. Looks awful, did it bother her at all? Itchy? Poor little bug. The only time I can remember you doing that (other than welts from paper diapers) was when your chin broke out so terribly. It even wept. Scary!

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