Katie is one smart cookie.

Today I took Owen’s backpack and put it by the laundry room so I would remember to take out his sheets and blanket to wash. Before I knew it, Katie had grabbed it and was putting it where it normally goes by the front door on the hook.

Last night, I had Owen set up their Playskool Christmas village toys underneath the tree. Before he could even finish, Katie was taking the pieces and putting them back in their storage box.

She also knows that the remote control goes in the top drawer. It used to be when we left it out that she would grab it and run off with it…but now she opens the drawer to put it away.

And the other day she scared the bejesus out of me—she was standing at the top of the stairs and started down by herself. Forwards. Without holding on to anything. :| I just about plowed Owen over trying to get to her before she went tumbling down the stairs. She has no fear. So now you just have to hold her hand and down she goes…she’s too short to reach the railing and has no interest in going down backwards or on her butt.

And of course, she knows to go to the back door when we talk about going outside…and to go to the front door when we tell her it’s time to get Owen.

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