Help save the Rialto!

Check out RESTORE THE RIALTO THEATER on Kickstarter!

The Rialto Theater has been in operation continuously since May 29, 1915. During that time it has been owned and operated by the same family. It is probably the oldest family-run movie theater in America.

Over the next few months, Hollywood studios will stop producing movies on actual film. The cost of the new digital equipment is beyond what an independent theater in a small town can afford. That’s why the Rialto is asking you to make this crucial investment with us.

Restoring the Rialto Theater means once again making it the best there is. That’s why this project is not only about buying a digital projector, but also replacing our seats, redesigning our concession and lobby areas, and refurbishing the historic paintwork and look of the theater. The result will be a state-of-the-art venue—by today’s standards—that also preserves the most important piece of historic architecture in our area.

I have backed this project, and wish I could afford the “get your name on a seat” level—but my husband would kill me!

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