Owen’s first school pictures!!

Hell, technically his first ever professional pictures!! (I had the professional photographer come when he was about six months old but that never turned out…and I had my professional photog cousin take some pics one weekend at a family gathering, but it wasn’t anything official.)

I am BEYOND THRILLED and honestly a little amazed at the perfect smiles and cute poses! I mean, just look at the goofy grin I got this morning! I was really worried about getting one good shot, and I got three! Of course I think Pose B is hilarious because that’s just SO not him but it’s such a typical school photo shot—I love it! I had no idea there would be three options, as the form we filled out just let us pick a color background (beige, blue, or red) and accessories (the letters J-O-Y, etc.).




So after I posted them on Facebook, Tom messaged me:

Tom: OMG! How did you know?
Me: How did I know what?
Tom: The Shirt. Rob and I had to wear matching blue shirts for every school picture, until 6th grade.
Me: Ha ha, I had no idea. I just wanted him in blue since he looks good in blue and I knew I could pick a blue background.

Talk about fate. :)

Oh, and…CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. :twisted:

And, wow have school photos come a long way—you didn’t get an order form ahead of time. As I mentioned, we just got the background and accessory request. You get the order form with the proofs about two weeks later with a website and code numbers to see the proof and order everything from holiday cards to mugs and notepads. I haven’t gotten to check the prices on anything yet, but I’m guessing I’ll just get the smallest package that gets me all three pictures and then I’ll use them as I normally would in my Shutterfly things. STAY TUNED.

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