Owenisms 30

As he’s getting into the car after school.
Owen: Hi Katie! How was your day? I missed you!

On the way home, Owen asked me how many minutes until we got home. I said two. As I slowed down to turn in the driveway:
Owen: Is this our house?
Me: Ohmygosh?! I stop the car in the street before pulling in the driveway. Is this our house?
Owen: Blue windows and blue door. Yep, 108. Our house.

Owen wanted to play with my Doctor Who sonic screwdriver so I begrudgingly let him—specifically telling him to BE CAREFUL and not lose any of the parts. Less than three minutes later…
Owen: Mama, I lost the end.
Owen: I don’t know.

Owen: Mama? Want to hear a joke?
Me: Sure.
Owen: Apple juice corn!

Owen: What’s that brown thing?
Me: The avocado pit.
Owen: Why?
Me: Because that’s how it grows.
Owen: Why?

He’s taken to asking what every song on the radio is.
Owen: Mama, what’s this song?
Me: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Owen: Why?

Owen: Mama, what’s this song?
Me: Winter Wonderland
Owen: Why?
Me: Because that’s what it’s called.
Owen: Why?

Owen came in while I was showering. This happens about twice a week. Long story short, he ended up taking a shower with me this time.
Owen: Bending over and looking at my pubic area. Where’s your penis?
Me: I don’t have a penis.
Owen: You don’t?
Me: Thinking “Oh crap, what have I started?” Boys have penises. Girls don’t.
Owen: No. Where is it?
Me: I told you, only boys have penises.
And then I changed the subject and he was off on how tickly the bubbles were. So, a conversation for another day…

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