He’s lucky I have a night to sleep on it.


I just went to the bathroom downstairs and thought “What the hell is running down the wall that’s sticky?” Then I got off the toilet and wondered why the seat was sticky. Then I noticed the mirror was covered in something…as well as the floor.


Owen got a hold of the spray gel that was in there (from when I did his hair a few days ago). So THAT’S what he was in there doing when he didn’t come out right away after going potty and “washing his hands.” GRRRRRRRRRR.

I will just say he was VERY lucky I didn’t discover it when he was still awake and I will have a night to sleep on it…because I was already on the edge from his snotty refusal to pick up like I asked.

Needless to say I cleaned the bathroom tonight but he WILL be cleaning it tomorrow because we clean our messes.


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