GI checkup: 3-6 more months, minimum

Not much has changed…we have some good days and bad days, I still need to do the mini clean-outs every other weekend, and the doc said this is normal for three months post-hospitalization…and 6-9 months is the normal time frame before we HOPEFULLY start seeing more of the good days. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. (I hate marathons and sprints, but I’d rather do sprints.)

So anyway, we at least got updated stats:

Weight: 64.2#
Height: 47.12″

EEK! No wonder his 4-5T pull-ups have been looking a little tight…AND why he’s in size 8s.

Helping—she handed him his shoes then tried to put them on with him.


Playing together while waiting for the nurse.


More waiting. It’s frustrating because the actual time with the doctor is about five minutes (which is fine and all we really need) but since it’s just him and one nurse, it takes 20 minutes for her to come back and schedule your next appointment since she’s in with other patients. We always get in on-time (if not early) so overall it’s not bad (and it’s still way better than having to drive three hours round trip to Wilmington) but it’s just slightly frustrating.

Anyway, they both did pretty good waiting and Katie loved looking behind the blinds.



Then some family fun…


I noticed that Katie was sticking her tongue out (no idea why) so we all did! This might just be my favorite picture of the month. :)


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