The whining is endless.

Owen has turned into Mr. Whine About Anything and Everything All the Freaking Time.

Just today:

Waking up from a nap? Whine.
Me singing to Katie? Whine.
Asking if he has to pee? Whine.
Asking if he wants a snack? Whine.
Tom walking down the stairs? Whine.
The cat walking by him? Whine.
The sun isn’t out? Whine.
Putting a pillow next to him? Whine.
Telling him its time for dinner? Whine.
Telling him we have to go downstairs? Whine.
Turning off the TV? Whine.
Asking if he wants to go outside? Whine.
Asking if he wants a juice box? Whine.
Katie cries? Whine.
I turn on the wrong Backyardigans? Whine.
The Backyardigans story doesn’t start fast enough? Whine.
I turn off the living room light? Whine.
Katie reaches for the wipes? Whine.

And once he starts whining, any action or talking will cause him to start again.

It’s tiring.

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