Learning to get up

OWEN GOT OUT OF HIS BED TO PEE! It was only naptime and he had only been in there five minutes and his door was open…but it’s a start!

You see, we’ve been trying to teach him that if he has to pee, he can get out of bed…which has been an uphill battle since we kept him “locked” in his room for so long.

And in trying to do so, we’ve actually created a little monster—after we put him to bed, we’ll hear him get up and open his door. He’s not getting up to pee, though—he just goes back to bed. But often whines a little because a cat gets in and bothers him. (He doesn’t want the cat in there but apparently doesn’t understand that the door needs to stay closed to prevent that.)

And then one night last week he was up opening his door at 3am—and crying. And couldn’t tell me what was wrong. I put him back to bed, then did the same thing again at 3:30 and 4:30, when I finally laid with him for a bit.

So today was a good first step with him realizing he had to pee and actually getting up to do it!

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