Diagnosis: Pink Eye

Yep. Owen has pink eye. :(

We noticed his left eye looked a little bloodshot Saturday but didn’t really think much about it. We noticed it Sunday as well…and this time there was a little extra “sleep” in the morning. I watched it all day and it wasn’t getting better—but he wasn’t itching it and he didn’t say it hurt and there wasn’t any discharge. Until this morning. His eye was pretty crusty and there was discharge. Ugh. We got an appointment at 2:15 where pink eye was confirmed by a lovely PA.

The poor kid looks so pathetic (I told Tom his eye looks drunk) and he HATES the eye drops (I wish he could understand the drops are the lesser of two evils—the cream would be even worse to apply) but he’s a trooper.

And he was AWESOME at the clinic. It was a bit of a wait—15m early for new patient paperwork, 30m to get into a room, 30m waiting to see the doctor, and probably another 10-15 with the PA—but he kept busy and was in good spirits. He let himself be weighed without complaint. He let himself get measured without complaint. And he even was pretty good with the blood pressure!

Weight: 56#
Height: 44.75″
BP: 100/65

Then when the PA was examining him, he was great with her looking in his ears, listening to his chest (and taking deep breaths!), and shining light into his eyes. He was SO good he earned a toy!!

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