A nap schedule!

I think Katie is finally on a nap schedule instead of taking little catnaps all day! She takes anywhere from a 2-4 hour nap at about 9:30, a 1-2ish hour nap in the afternoon around 3 or 4, then goes to bed around 8 and then sleeps until 7. YAY!

(I hope I’m not jinxing myself by writing this.)

Some nights (like tonight) she was in bed before 8 even! When she starts screaming and refusing to eat, we break out the zippered swaddle and she calms right down. Some nights I have to swing her in my arms (if she’s really worked up) but most nights we can just put her in her crib while she’s still awake and she falls asleep peacefully.

She’s SUCH a good baby!

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