Toddlers are Hard!

The 15 Hardest Things About Raising a Toddler

These are three of my favorites:

Getting Out Of The House/Being Out Of The House
The hours between 6am and 9am are the worst for me. The grind of feeding, cleaning and dressing two toddlers and then hauling them out of the house with the proper toddler accoutrements and strapping them into their seats just about does me in. All this, to get out of the house.

Low Self-Esteem
You have to be on your parenting game when dealing with toddlers. They are sneaky, wily sons of guns. And yet, I find this period of time a point at which my self-esteem is at its lowest both physically and mentally. The baby weight should be gone – it’s not. I should have more energy because they’re sleeping more at night than they did when they were babies – I don’t. I’m MORE tired. I should trust my judgment more because I’m a couple years into this whole thing but I don’t. I just end up constantly questioning my parenting decisions because these years are so formative.

Potty Training
Not to mention trying to teach a wild animal to crap in a hole. I think I’d have an easier time training my dog to poop in the toilet.

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