Owen is still sad.

Owen seemed to be doing better after his nap and was enjoying playing games with daddy. His temp was still hovering around 100 so we decided to wait and medicate him at bedtime.


He had a light dinner of toast with peanut butter and yogurt, and things seemed fine. Then it was time for medicine…which is always a bit of a fight. It took some time and cajoling and a bit of mess, but he finally took it. And as Tom was in with him washing his hands (I did say it got messy!) he barfed up everything.

Whether it’s psychological and he hates taking the medicine so he throws up…or whether him fighting us on it riles up his stomach…or whether the medicine itself actually makes him queasy…it’s not the first time it’s happened.

Of course, his response was “I’m sad.” :(

After that, however, he seemed perfectly fine and was running around like normal. We did make him take more medicine (since he threw up literally 60 seconds after he finished taking the last dose, he obviously had nothing in his system) and that stayed down.

We’re hoping tomorrow goes better.

Sidenote: We reconfirmed that I deal better with poop and Tom deals better with vomit. We make a good pair. :)

One thought on “Owen is still sad.

  1. GJ says:

    He may have a slight case of a stomach flu. David said that in PA school, the doctors always recommended liquids until temps went up to 102 or 103. One of the first female pediatricians in NC always spoke about “the wisdom of the body” in other words–rest and fluids for these kinds of illnesses until the temp went above 102 or higher. At any rate, she believed that most kids could throw off most illnesses in several days with this kind of treatment. (My comment–I think he has a high tolerance for pain, etc. He may hurt or not feel good, but not complain about it so it is hard to tell when he isn’t feeling well or hurts somewhere.) We hope he gets better soon!

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