You know how I have said how huge Owen’s poops have been up until now? That they put US to shame? And how he hasn’t really pooped in over a week now?

Well he just pooped.

And it was honestly THE biggest poop I’ve EVER seen. Anywhere, anytime, anyone. Without having actually measured it, I’d say it was at least 10-12″ long. NO LIE. He was with Tom again (so I didn’t get to see the whole process) but he didn’t seem any worse for the wear—no crying or anything—by the time I got down there (Tom yelled for me to come check it out).

After we got all excited and Owen said “You happy? Mama happy now?” (YES!), I asked, “Don’t you feel better now?” And he said “MY HURT IS GONE!!”

Poor kid. :(

I guess we continue with the daily Miralax in hopes it works better now that he’s apparently cleaned out…and we don’t go another seven days without a poop.

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