Interesting Statistics

Just for shits and giggles, this morning I decided to look at some of the website statistics. I know it doesn’t get a lot of traffic since it’s really just a friends and family website (and mostly family at that), although I do publish links to Twitter, where anyone can see them…but I found a few interesting things.

  • This week there have been 82 visits and 168 page views. I wonder just who is reading the blog, since that’s obviously more than family.
  • The countries that have visited my site this month? United States of America (96.95%), Canada (2.44%), and Poland (0.61%). Poland?
  • I got a referral from a page called Payday Links which has a link to my old page of retail customer rants (which is no longer published, but may be again some day when I get time).
  • Two search engines brought people to the site: (80%) and (20%).
  • People searched the keywords “kid belly button” and “snoring animals” on Google to get here. Huh? I did those same searches just to see what comes up, and my site is nowhere that I can see.
  • The top three browsers used are Firefox (38%), Safari (26%), and Chrome (16%).

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