I’m not voting this year.

Well, turns out I’m not voting this year. :x

I swear I filled out the necessary stuff online to get the packet because Tom specifically sent me the link. And I didn’t think about it—yes, even with all the political crap and election coverage and primaries—until Tom said he had to mail his ballot in. Wait, what? I didn’t get mine.

So I went back to look to see what exactly I did…and his email was in May, and I went to the website and it looked familiar…except now I see a spot that says “You still need to contact your local voting precinct to register as an absentee voter.” Huh? I definitely don’t remember seeing that. And then I looked at the PDF that I had likely printed—which looked familiar as well—and apparently that had to be sent in somewhere else? Or to my own voting precinct? But then why would I still have to contact them if I mailed this form in? Needless to say I’m still confused.

So the short of it is I didn’t request the ballot and now it’s too late. I should have just called the damn office instead of using the link Tom sent me, because that messed me up. And then Katie came along and my mommy brain got even worse…

I’m bummed.

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