Diapers, anyone?


Costco. Wow. :)

I had 11 boxes of diapers to return and of course didn’t even think about the receipts because they’ve been bought piecemeal over the past six months and returns are so easy—they just look it up on your card and you’re done.

Except this time it was a PITA because some were bought online and some were in-store. And they each had to be looked up separately and returned separately. And it was just a hot mess of confusion (two different sizes, to boot). But all FOUR people who were working on it were completely awesome—and were apologizing to me for it taking so long (it took about 30 minutes). (And yes, I apologized for being a pain. Had I thought about it, I would have printed my order emails.) We were all laughing and joking and I told them I would likely be spending the whole amount momentarily…and they said that’s what they hoped! I even saw the manager during checkout and she joked “Hey, it’s you again!” And she joked that I only had one bottle of wine!


Oh, and we spent MORE than we returned. And we returned $400 of diapers. :eek:

Oh yeah—Why did I have so many extra boxes? Because every time they were on sale I bought a couple boxes. And I really didn’t expect Owen to be potty trained for a while yet. I also had a couple boxes of size 1-2 for Katie but she’s almost out of those… And I had forgotten we like the Pampers with the pee-line on them so we’ve been using those instead.

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