Amazon: YAY!

A rant turns into a rave!

I just realized I didn’t use the Amazon Mom 20% coupon I had when we ordered Owen’s new car seat a few days ago. I was debating if it was worth returning the other one and reordering to save $25…when I decided to try writing Customer Service.

It was:

I understand that you would want to use your Amazon mom in your recent purchase and I wish I could help.

I’ve reviewed your order and see that your order has already been shipped. Under the circumstances, I made an exception and requested a refund of $25.80 to your credit card. The $25.80 refund is 20% of the price of the item which is $129.00. It will take 2-3 business days for the refund to appear on your visa statement.

This is why I have no problem spending thousands of dollars there every year!!

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