Amazon: BOO!

Dear Amazon,

Please quit messing with your Subscribe & Save program…it’s just getting worse and worse. At the beginning, it was 20% off and you got the first order right away (two-day Prime for those of us who are members). Then it was 20% off but you didn’t get Prime shipping on the orders. Then a bunch of my items suddenly became “unavailable” so the S&S orders were cancelled. Now this week I see it’s down to a 5% “savings” on most things and you don’t get your initial order until your “S&S date” (which for me is three weeks out!). Frankly, I’d rather just pay the extra few bucks and get my stuff in two days via Prime. I mean, if I’m on the site ordering it today, I must WANT it soon, right? What on earth makes you think I want to wait three weeks for it? Just to save 88¢?


A Huge Amazon Fan Who Is NOT Enamored With These Changes

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