Guess where I just found Owen?

So, Katie wasn’t really tired enough this morning for her first morning nap (which usually happens after her morning feeding)—but she had slept almost nine hours (!!!) that night so I sort of expected it. But she wasn’t fussing, so I swaddled her and put her down anyway, just to see.

Then I got Owen up, gave him his snack in front of Little Einsteins (“Grandma Rocket,” his new favorite—which is the Little Red Rocket (Riding) Hood episode), and went to the office to do a few things on the computer.

After a bit, knowing the episode was surely over, I went to check on him…and he was gone. I quick looked in his room and he wasn’t there. I was going to head downstairs to check, but thought I’d look at Katie’s monitor first…and lo and behold, I saw the video was flying all over the place… which meant little hands had control of it. |-|

So, I went to Katie’s room—where the door was closed!—and both lights were on and Owen was playing in there (with the video camera). While she was supposed to be sleeping. Which of course she wasn’t.

Needless to say I was NOT happy. We’ve had discussions before about NOT going into Katie’s room if the door is shut, but apparently it didn’t stick. I asked if he was checking on her and he said no. I asked if she had been crying and he said yes..but I don’t believe him because normally I have dog hearing when it comes to her crying, and I hadn’t heard anything (and she wasn’t crying at the moment).

I told him I was not happy, and then we went over the rules again: If Katie’s door is closed, you don’t go in. Repeated three times.

So then we all—including Katie, since she was obviously awake!—came back into my bedroom and I asked Owen to hand me the purple towel, which he did. I thanked him and he said sweetly “Mama happy? Mama happy now? Mama not sad anymore?”

Yes, Owen, mama is happy now.

What a kid.

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