OB Appointment…guess what happened?

Short story?

Unless something happens on its own this weekend, I’ll be induced Monday night…

Long story?

My blood pressure was high at the appointment so the doctor was concerned that it might be pre-eclampsia (it hasn’t been high for a few months, but since I’m near the end, it was a worry). She also wanted an ultrasound to measure the baby (something I was apparently supposed to be having done every so often—NOT the fetal monitoring I’ve been doing, but an additional ultrasound—but hadn’t had in a while) so she walked me across the hall for that since she had an opening right then. On the way I told her that I was concerned that the last doc mentioned stripping my membranes today and possibly inducing labor next week and she said she wouldn’t do that unless it was medically necessary—so that made me feel better. Everything with the baby measured just fine (head, length, amniotic fluid, etc.) but the doc still sent me off for lab work to rule out or diagnose the pre-eclampsia. (On a sidenote, the tech guessed that the baby was about 8.5# but the doc said “Oh, the +/- on that is about a pound…” |-| So why even give a guesstimate that could be so far off?)

The lab work actually went amazingly well, considering I have the worst veins on the planet and it usually takes three techs and four pokes to hit a vein—the girl got it on the first attempt! Everything was marked STAT so I knew I’d have results fairly soon.

So, up in Labor & Delivery Triage, they hooked me up to the monitors (like I’ve been doing at my weekly appointments, just with another nurse) and my BP was fine and the baby’s movements were fine—and most of the lab work came back just fine…except the protein in my urine was __fill in the blank with whatever number was high enough to cause more tests but not high enough to be severely concerned__ and the midwife wanted me to do a 24-hour urine test. Uh, yuck. No thanks. Especially when she said that if the protein marker results were __whatever number high enough__ I would be admitted RIGHT THEN. As in tomorrow afternoon! So I half-jokingly said “Can’t I just skip it and agree to come in and be induced Monday?” And she was fine with that!!! So that’s the plan…unless, of course, something happens before then or I have any strange symptoms that might be cause for alarm.

So, no, I didn’t initially want to be induced…but since things went a little awry, it did seem like the best option. Especially since if things go according to plan…I’ll have Katie on her namesake’s birthday: July 10! (I’ll be admitted for induction at 6pm on Monday night the 9th and will likely have her sometime after midnight on Tuesday the 10th!) :)

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  1. GJ says:

    Of course it’ll be on the 10th! I had no doubt from the very beginning. She’s still in our lives and always will be!!

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