Katie’s Closet

I had to go shopping for a few baby necessities the other day (how could we not have ANY size 1 nipples?) and I just couldn’t believe the sheer number of new baby/kid products in the three years since I really SHOPPED at a Babies ‘R Us. I wanted soooo much stuff but just bought what we needed. Well, plus a few clearance clothes. :) I’ve been purposefully trying NOT to buy much since I know the grandmas are going crazy buying…but when there’s a great sale (40% off already sale/clearance prices) I just couldn’t resist. Meaning I did have to reign myself in a bit.

But then—OOPS!—I went back to Babies R Us today… Not for clothes specifically, but I had to return some things. Darn! And then I bought some more clothes because, I mean, I was there. And they were still on sale. :))

My friends keep telling me you can’t have too many baby clothes—but I think I may have had too much with Owen… People were buying me gifts (first baby syndrome), I was buying stuff (first baby syndrome), and we were getting hand-me-downs from a cousin. It was nice not having to do laundry every other day, though… But it’s been so long since that age/stage that I honestly can’t remember how much we had (since I have obviously give the hand-me-downs back and have sold some stuff) so it’s like I’m starting from scratch. I didn’t take all the tags off my last two days of purchases, though…we’re going to wait and see just how big she is. She might blow past the 0-3m stuff from the start and we’ll just start with the 3m stuff…

Aside from one drawer of outfits and one of PJs (newborn, 0-3m, and a few 3-6m)…this isn’t a lot, right? (There are about eight or so hangers of 2-4T stuff.) It feels like a lot, though my friends assure me it’s not. :o

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