Last-minute plans!

Ugh, last-minute plans…I hate them because I’m a planner, but I have to learn to go with the flow.

A few months ago my cousin said her family would be coming to Richmond, VA, for a vacation and would like to see us if possible. It’s four hours away but yes, of course, since otherwise we only get to see them at Christmas. And as a bonus we have other family there we could see as well.

I KNOW I put a reminder on my Google calendar but it’s not there now so it was a big surprise when she texted yesterday saying “We’ll be there June 9-15!”


Obviously we can only do a weekend and their dates only include THIS weekend… So do we go or not?!?!

First I have to see if our other fam is available. Then I have to see if someone can watch the dog. Then I have to see about hotel rooms. Luckily Tom has Monday off so that helps.

Sooooo…our Richmond fam was unavailable. But that was actually okay since we found out the visiting cousins weren’t actually staying there, but rather in Williamsburg…where we happen to have other family. And neighbors could watch the dog…

So hotel rooms (the hotel we really like) are stupid expensive so we were going to make it work for just one night. Until I thought “You know, military gets free tickets to Busch properties and since we’ll be RIGHT there…” So now we’re staying two nights AND going to Water Country USA…in just two days.


I can’t wait!!

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