Social Security Card Mommy Fail

Yes, it’s my fault for not keeping better track of Owen’s SS card, but seriously, the list of Identity Documents to get a new card? Owen has none of them:

We can accept only certain documents as proof of your child’s identity. An acceptable document must show your child’s name, date of birth and preferably a recent photograph. A birth certificate is not a form of ID it is only used to establish a Social Security number. Your child must be present unless the picture ID also shows your child’s biographical information (i.e., age, date of birth, or parents’ names). As proof of identity, Social Security must see one of the following:

Health Insurance or Medicaid card (issued within the last four years)
School identification card (current year)
Certified school record or transcript (current year)
Certified copy of a medical record
U.S. passport (not expired)
U.S. military dependent identification card (not expired)
Certificate of Naturalization
Certificate of U.S. Citizenship
Final adoption decree issued by the court
Certified child care facility or pre-school record (current year)
Religious record (cradle roll, naming certificate, bris certificate, baptismal record, Amish or Mennonite bishop’s letter)
Life insurance policy
U.S. driver’s license
State-issued non-driver identification card
U.S. Indian Tribal card (Social Security has to approve as an acceptable ID)

He uses OUR ID card for anything military (they don’t need one until they’re 10). He has a medical card, but it doesn’t list his birthday or a picture (do ANY medical cards have pictures?). I guess the only thing on that list is a certified copy of a medical record…and I don’t even really know what that means (though I eventually got what I hope passes for that).

Now I have to send off all his info plus our passports and wait 10-14 days to get a replacement card.


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