Owen now likes to take showers with mom and dad. :|

It started a few weeks ago when he became intrigued by me taking a shower—I usually grab my five-minute shower while he’s watching TV and playing in the morning, and at first he asked what I was doing and then it turned into him telling me “Taking a shower!” Cute, right? I thought he might want to get in, but I was saved by the fact that he didn’t really want anything to do with getting in while it was running (though he’d gladly go in afterwards).

So this weekend when Tom was home, Owen desperately wanted to get in the shower with Tom. He actually let us get him undressed and walked into the shower…but wasn’t crazy about the water coming from above—and kept opening the door trying to get out. But he did like spraying the handheld part at Tom and the doors…just not on himself. That was Saturday morning.

Fast forward to this morning, when Owen desperately wanted to take a shower when I did. I told him if he could get undressed all by himself, he could take a shower with me—guessing that it wouldn’t happen because he really doesn’t know how to get undressed by himself yet.


I was obviously completely wrong. He had his pants off in about 10 seconds (though that’s one thing we have been working on so that wasn’t a big stretch)…but then he was seriously taking his T-shirt off, which he always has given up on before! I did have to give him a small clue about bending his arm to pull it out of the short sleeve, but otherwise he got it all by himself! Okay then, I guess he earned a shower!

By this time, Tom had wandered back into the bathroom and saw what was going on and took Owen’s diaper off. And this time he LOVED getting his head wet with the handheld shower, let me wash his hair, and soaped himself! He didn’t want to get out! And loves saying he took a shower!

So now if I want to shower alone, I have to do it before he wakes up or during his nap!

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