First couch nap!

Well, kinda.

Today was the first time ever he’s fallen asleep on the couch before his nap! He was watching Cars and I was in the office. I kept looking out every 5-10 minutes…but this still happened.

My first thought? OH CRAP.

My second thought? OH MY GOD HE’S SO CUTE.

My third thought? I HAVE TO GET A PICTURE!

Then I made the mistake of going out to show Tom (who was working on the shed) how cute he was…and Tom wanted to move him to his bed. I really didn’t want to because Owen does NOT transfer well (and never has—I think twice in his lifetime he actually went back to sleep after we moved him) but against my better judgment I let Tom move him.

And at first it seemed okay. For the first two minutes anyway. Until we were watching on the monitor and he was chattering. Then sitting up. Then playing. Then reading his books.

Yeah…no nap today.

But at least I got a super cute few pictures. :**:

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