Drop in and drop off!

Since the pre-school thing seems to be on hold for the moment, I thought I’d finally get off my butt and get us set up for the local drop-in childcare place—just so Owen has a place to go once a week for an hour or two for some socialization (and for those times I have a bunch of small errands to run where it would be easier without him). I’ve had the paperwork printed and filled out since January but just never quite got around to it…

So, the plan was only to drop off the paperwork…but once Owen saw the kids and toys, he wanted to stay (of course—I should have known better!). Sign up came with a free hour to “test” them out, so I used it for an unplanned run to Target (right down the street). Now, I’ve ran errands without him before, but he was always at home with Tom or my parents—this was the first time I just dropped him somewhere and left and it just felt weird. Of course he didn’t notice/care one bit (which is a good thing, I know).

When I got back, he was LITERALLY running around the play area pushing a toy and his hairline was damp—which meant he had likely been running around full tilt for the whole hour. :) They reported that he did sit for a bit during story time and I noticed when I got home that they had changed his diaper (his name was written on it!) so I was impressed.

I really wish this place was a pre-school (they do some learning stuff but it’s NOT a school), but at least it’s something for now.

One thought on “Drop in and drop off!

  1. GJ says:

    What a happy kid! I bet he was so thrilled. And it is so AWESOME that he doesn’t even know you’ve left without him. GREAT!

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