Chromosome test results

I just technically got Owen’s chromosome test results. I say technically because the pediatrician read them to me over the phone—and of course it’s all Greek—he wasn’t even familiar with the exact result so he said he has to read up on it. I can’t even tell you what the exact findings were until I go pick up a copy of the report (it was too complex to write down over the phone).

That said, apparently it was recommended that Tom and I get tested, too. I’m assuming it’s so we know if we need to 1) watch Katie for signs and/or 2) get her tested early. If we’re clear, the mutation starts with Owen; if one of us (or both) have the anomaly, she’ll need to be checked because we will likely pass it down again.

For some reason, this is more disturbing to me than the initial autism diagnosis, even though it technically doesn’t change anything and there’s nothing we can do about it either way…it’s just knowledge.

One thought on “Chromosome test results

  1. mom says:

    Yes, it is just knowledge; numbers. I can hardly think how many thousands of people/kids that are out there with more severe cases that are probably NOT getting tested or diagnosed.

    Numbers written down on paper seem to be more real in a way I guess. Especially when I don’t understand them! We’d be watching Katie anyway, with or without testing. This is not a bad thing. Owen is going to get special help that thousands need and never get. And we love him even more than we thought we did. I love that s’more video. I have to watch it every day.

    Chin up, and keep doing what you’ve been doing! Loving and nurturing that precious little boy. You both are fantastic parents!

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