I didn’t think preschool would be this hard.

I really didn’t think getting Owen in a part-time preschool would be THIS hard.

  1. Our first choice (1 mile away) only offers full time child care (well, M-F mornings is their lowest option).
  2. Our second choice requires potty training at age 3 plus they don’t have summer hours (it’s a church).
  3. Our third choice only has summer openings (otherwise it’s a waiting list) and they strongly recommend all-day care, and it’s the same price whether you use an hour or eight.
  4. Our fourth choice (another church) has an EIGHT MONTH WAITING LIST.
  5. Our fifth choice doesn’t do part time preschool.
  6. Our sixth choice (another branch of #5) is a 20-25 minute drive away PLUS all pre-school kids have to be potty trained.
  7. Our seventh choice is the most expensive AND it’s the same price whether you leave the kid there for one or eight hours…but they handle potty training for you.

At this point, I’m out of choices… Well, there are more according to Google, but they are places I’ve heard NOTHING about or appear to be home-based (from the Google map listings).

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