Owen passed age three with flying colors!

Height: 42.5″ (greater than the 100th percentile) — was 39″ at 24mo
Weight: 45# (greater than the 100th percentile) — was 38# at 24mo

Amazingly, Owen got right up on the scale today without complaint!! It took some finagling to get him measured, but it wasn’t too painful, either.

Then we tested his eyes—he had to read symbols off an eye chart (he did fine, but I should have told her he could do the letters just fine). I think if it was just us, he would have done better, but he lost interest pretty quick and after the first two items, I had to resort to “Is that a tree? (No.) Is that a star? (No.) Is that a heart? (Yes.)” Apparently everything was fine, though, because she didn’t tell me otherwise. (I do know that she asked a line that even *I* couldn’t see!)

Then it was into the exam room to get his blood pressure taken. I knew he wouldn’t be thrilled with it, so I told him it was just like mama does at home with the machine (he watches me all the time) but he still wasn’t too sure. The nurse put it on his arm and said it was going to hug him a little—and he wanted nothing to do with it. Until it started squeezing him, then he said “Again, again!” :) The most challenging thing, I think, was taking his temperature—he’s never had to do that before (when he was a baby, it was done rectally) so it took a little bit, but he eventually got it.

The doc checked all the basics and said he seemed great. He also wasn’t too worried about the picky eating thing. We are getting his speech evaluated, though, just to be safe and ease my mind (the doc wasn’t terribly worried, but said we might as well do it because it can’t hurt).

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