More fun thanks to the naval hospital!


The naval hospital is seriously on my last nerve. They referred me to a fetal medicine specialist in the next big town (there is a local office, but they have to see me in the main office first). Fine. The office doesn’t allow kids so it was a major issue to try and find a sitter for a weekday morning for four hours. But I did it.

So yesterday I get a call from that office—or what I initally thought was that office—saying they needed to schedule an appointment. Um, I already did…? Come to find out, after much confusion, there are two separate fetal medicine offices…the one I was initally referred to (and scheduled the appointment with) and the one where my OLD fetal medicine doc (from 2008) now worked (which I had been led to believe—by my OB—was the same office, but apparently wasn’t). But I had mentioned to my OB about my original doc, so she made a call to see if my OLD doc could see me, which seemed fine to me since they had my old records. And I thought it was the same office.

But it wasn’t. So I had to make the decision whether to keep my original appointment with the newly referred doc (and hope that further appointments would be in Jacksonville to make my life easier) or take the new doc (which was really my OLD doc) but have to have all appointments in Wilmington (1:20 away). I decided to stick with the originally referred doc, hoping further appointments would be local.

So I thought it was done.

Except just now I get a phone call from the new place (that had called yesterday), saying she called to check things out with the hospital, and…my OB requested the doc/office change and my other appointment had been cancelled. CANCELLED. Which no one ever informed me of, from either the hospital or the fetal medicine clinic. REALLY? Niiiiice. At least the girl I was dealing with (from the new place) was super nice. And I guess as a bonus, kids are allowed at their clinic, so even though I have to drive an hour and 20 minutes, I can take Owen.

But seriously, every single thing I ever have done at the hospital (or through the hospital) seems to get screwed up in some way and it’s never easy and it’s always annoying. This is going to be a LOOOOOONG pregnancy.

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