Blood pressure issues

So I’ve been having blood pressure issues lately. Not anything that I have symptoms for, but just measuring a little on the high side (just above normal) when I was in for appointments. They had me come in on a non-appointment day in case it was just a case of White Coat Hypertension…but it was slightly high then, too. So the doc wanted me to watch it and I had to go buy a cuff and take my blood pressure twice a day.

Well, I started to get really freaked out because the readings were really high. Like not just a tad above normal high, but up to crazy scary Stage 2 high (like one day was 190/110 first thing after waking up in the morning). :??: 88| I tried not to get TOO worried, but how could I not?!? I took it religiously for a week, and it was fairly consistently high (anywhere from pre-hypertension to Stage 2 as I said). Of course, the spiked high readings freaked me out more (since I’ve never had blood pressure issues before and these were taken when I was completely and totally relaxed) so I made an appointment with my OB. In the meantime, I went to Walgreens to get my pressure taken, to see if maybe my machine was off—and it wasn’t (so, good and bad).

Of course, the morning of my appointment, my blood pressure in the office was completely normal. Good, but…what the hell? And the doc looked at my logs and said in a blood pressure world of black and white, I’m gray. :|

My BP at the office was completely normal…but I have the logs of high and crazy high. He definitely didn’t want to put me on BP-lowering meds in case there wasn’t really a problem because then the drugs would lower it too much and that is a problem as well. So for the time being, I’m continuing to monitor it while watching for specific warning signs and trying to drink more water/get more exercise/watch my salt intake. And I get to go back every two weeks instead of four…in addition to my every four weeks trip to the fetal specialist. :|

He didn’t seem worried so I’ll try not to be as well.

I really liked him, too, so that was good (because on my last visit, I found out that the OB I had seen twice and liked is leaving in three months). And he told me he wants me to see doctors—not midwives, which I had been scheduled to do.


2 thoughts on “Blood pressure issues

  1. Tori says:

    Any chance the the cuff is too small? That can cause a high reading.

    Also, you say you are taking it as soon as you wake up. I know there is that whole theory about taking it first thing to get an at rest reading, but one of the things that can make your blood pressure higher is a full bladder. Pregnant + just waking up would definitely = an uncomfortably full bladder for me.

    Sorry to hear about the blood pressure stress. I hope other things are going well.

  2. Jen says:

    Thanks for the good thoughts and suggestions…but I actually made sure to get an XL cuff and I make sure to pee first if I really have to go (otherwise, I crawl back into bed for 10 minutes and then take it). It’s just sooooo much fun. :|

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