Owen’s Personalized Train

So back in Michigan, I took advantage of a deal (Groupon or Living Social or something) for wall art for Owen’s room. They had lots of cool stuff, but since they were a fairly new company, they were offering personalization services for free—so I took advantage and had them design Owen’s name into a train. They actually emailed me three samples, I combined them into something else, and that’s what I ordered. We knew we’d wait until we were moved into the next house before we put it up…and it happened to be our old house in North Carolina. We had originally planned to put it in his bedroom, but there just wasn’t room once we got everything set up…so we decided to put it in his playroom…and he LOVES it. When he saw it, he was so excited—saying CABOOSE! CABOOSE! and then saying the letters of his name!

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