Freak occurrence or the start of the terrible threes?

So in our normal morning routine, I was in my bedroom doing stuff and Owen was running hither and yon playing and hiding and whatnot. He was gone for a little while but I don’t worry because I can usually still hear him.

So he comes in the room holding out his hand and saying “STINKY!” And I look and—yep, poop. Smeared all over his hand. UGH! The little bugger had stuck his hand down his dirty diaper! (I had actually been a little worried about this the past few days, as I had noticed him with his hand down there…but then I thought “Why would he do that? He’s NEVER done that!” and then kinda forgot about it. Until today.)

So I marched him into his room (making sure to take him by the wrist so he couldn’t touch anything) and wiped him down, changed his diaper, and changed his clothes. Thankfully none had made it outside the diaper…yes, I thanked my lucky stars…and he just kept saying STINKY! and POOP IN THE TOILET! (which is what he always says when he poops—he knows that’s where it goes but he doesn’t care about actually getting it there). Then we went and washed our hands in the sink.

Please keep your fingers crossed that this was a freak occurrence. PLEASE.

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