Three for three today, plus more.

My day started at 3am when I woke up in a deflated [sleep number] bed. I had no idea what was wrong and I somehow knew pumping it up wouldn’t help, so I just tried to power through and didn’t get much sleep (and what little I did get wasn’t comfortable) and I was even more sore than when I went to bed. :##

The, we had three things scheduled for today—and none of them happened.

First, the cable company (that’s you, Time Warner) screwed up and sent a subcontractor who isn’t allowed to carry cable cards (which we SPECIFICALLY told them we needed when we called to set everything up). Tom called to bitch and they at least sent the guy back to install internet and do the cable drops to prepare for when we get the cable card…NEXT WEEK. :##

Second, the A/C guy didn’t show because (as I found out when I called at 4pm to see where he was) they were behind about three hours due to the rain…and apparently no one was going to let me know!?! :## At least he should be here tomorrow.

Third, the UPS freight delivery of a new desk got canceled because it wasn’t on the truck and they didn’t know where it was. :## At least they called me AND apologized. But now it won’t get here until Monday.

And then I messed up ordering dinner and ended up spending $40 when it could have been $25.

And we apparently have a wasp problem because we’ve killed three in the house today.

And we also have a cockroach problem because we’ve killed a handful of those since we’ve been here.


Are we having fun yet?

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