It’s cool again.

It was a pretty warm night sleeping—it was actually cooler outside than in, so we had the windows open (something I’d never have believed had you told me it would happen)—but it was still WARM. Thankfully the A/C people were able to get out in the afternoon (by which time it was 88 upstairs), and the first thing the guy said was “Man, what did I do yesterday?”

Come to find out, the capacitor blew up. Tom said it looked like it was shot with a .22 with guts hanging out all over and everything. The A/C guy said he’d NEVER seen one that bad before.

They waived the service call fee since they had just been out (yay!), so it was only a $125 repair. Only. And had it blown one day earlier or we had waited to have them out, we could have saved $75.


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