FAIL! x 3

Fail #1

We had made plans to go visit friends overnight in Raleigh on Wednesday. So we got up early this morning, packed up the car, and set off. Five minutes down the road I remembered we forgot Owen’s bed. In the driveway it hit me that it was Tuesday. Ugh. Tom had even asked last night “Are we going tomorrow?” And I said yes, because I thought it was Tuesday at the time. And I even had the dog sitter neighbors set up a day early because I thought the days were off (well, I had them set to come on the right days, but I gave them the keys a day early since my days were off). It wasn’t a big deal (and I’m really glad we were only five minutes down the road) but it was frustrating. :meh:

Fail #2

Since Owen was excited about the car ride we’d told him about…and since we were already all dressed and breakfasted and in the car…we decided to take him to the local elementary school playground, thinking it would be a big treat since we no longer have a park down the street. Yay, right? Nope. He hated it. It was all sand and I guess maybe that freaked him out to start with, but even with Tom carrying him over it and setting him ON the structure, he wanted nothing to do with it. :**:

Fail #3

Once we were back home 10 minutes later, I thought we’d play outside in his water table since we haven’t done it for awhile and the temps were still cool…and he threw a tantrum. |-|

All this by 8am.

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