Crappy packing tactics.

All our TVs and electronics were handled pretty badly. Nothing was ruined (thankfully) but everything should have been packed MUCH, MUCH better. The worst offender of the bunch was the quite-heavy receiver which was set on its side, with the buttons and knobs facing out, with barely any padding around it. :##

Earlier today we discovered a bunch of broken plastic baskets and containers—which really isn’t a huge deal since the items are cheap—but none have ever been broken during past moves, which points to crappy packing skills this time around.

And they apparently thought it would be a good idea to jam two lamp shades together that are the identical size (i.e. no bottom flare so that they nest appropriately). I had to use force to pull them apart. They got a little damaged but not too bad, I guess, considering. :##

The topper for me was today when I pulled a barely-wrapped [somewhat] expensive Thomas Kinkade canvas print out of the same box as—are you ready??—three heavy lamp bases. Who taught these morons to pack?! On ALL previous moves, ALL artwork was specially wrapped AND THEN specially boxed…so we didn’t pay attention to them this time while they did it nor did we ask for special treatment of any pieces. Don’t get me wrong—I’m glad the canvas didn’t get damaged—but I almost wish there was damage so we could report it and they’d have to be accountable for their shoddy work.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

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