Weight loss!

If you may recall, at Owen’s 24-month check-up, the doctor was a little concerned about his weight, and mentioned that she would like to see him lose a few pounds. I thought that was pure lunacy and didn’t worry about it at all—and just thought she was crazy. :crazy:

So my cousin’s kids were here today and I swear Owen felt heavier than the two older ones (their mom said the 7yo weighs about 45# and the 5yo weighs about 28#) so I wanted to weigh Owen just to see. I knew he was more than 28# but I thought he might be close to the 45#, seeing as how he was 38# in February.

So imagine our total surprise when he weighed 36#—which means he’s lost 2# since February! (His pediatrician would be thrilled. :meh:) He’s apparently losing some of his baby fat (which we’ve actually been noticing) and is getting more lanky.

I guess a height measurement is next on the list.

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