Thirteen hours. THIRTEEN.

Yeah, these packers/movers were NOT up to par. :down:

Part of the problem was there was only three of them.
Part of the problem was they hadn’t finished packing the first day.
Part of the problem was one was a young/inexperienced kid.
Part of the problem was they were running WAY behind.
Part of the problem was they were in over their heads.

They packed things we specifically told them not to pack and left things we wanted them to pack.

I just felt completely discombobulated and it didn’t feel like it was running smoothly AT ALL.

And it was taking forever. FOR. EVER.

When they got here in the morning, they thought they’d be done by 5.




They were here 13 hours. THIRTEEN HOURS. ONE THREE. THIRTEEN!! :eek: They arrived at 8:30a and pulled out at 9:30p. >:XX

I had to keep postponing the carpet cleaners so they weren’t all tripping over one another but eventually had to get the guy in there so Owen could go to bed before it got too late. As it was, we got him to bed at 9:30 (an hour late) and the poor little guy was so tired that he asked for “more nap.” :(

The worst part is that we thought they’d be out of here by 4 or 5 and we’d have all night to finish packing our stuff and get organized and do typical moving out stuff…which obviously didn’t happen.

So far, NOT the stellar move that we’re used to.

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