Scheduling nightmares.

The moving company that’s been assigned to us? Ugh.

Tom went in to set up the move a few weeks ago, and came home with packing dates of June 20-21, a loading date of June 22, and delivery on July 6. The packing and loading dates corresponded with when my mom could come down to help, but I was surprised that the delivery date was so far out (we normally get our stuff a few days later)—so I was under the impression that’s when they could first do it. (Come to find out later, Tom has a function at his job that he can’t miss…on the 28th!…which he never told me about…which is why he scheduled delivery for when he did. I wasn’t happy about having to live at the house with no stuff for a week, but whatever, we’d make it work.)

Fast forward a week or so, when I get a call from the moving company out of the blue. This surprised me because Tom was the one dealing with it all. So I had to deal with her questions about the house, which was fine. And then talked to her about dates, because she mentioned that they could deliver earlier than July 6. (At this point, I still didn’t know about Tom’s function on the 28th.) So we had a conversation about possibly changing dates to whatever we needed to TO AVOID WAREHOUSING because we wanted to avoid that at all costs (warehousing means they come load the truck, unload the truck at a warehouse while we get where we’re going, then they RE-load the truck and deliver it). That just leads to more opportunity for loss and damage, so I told her we’d schedule something so we didn’t have to do that. She said she had to check the driver’s schedule and said she’d get back with us the next day. Two days later and nothing. Then Tom forgot to call until this afternoon.

Now, keep in mind no one has talked to us since that lady called me a week ago when dates were still up in the air…so Tom called and about had a heart attack when they said our delivery was scheduled for 6/23. HUH? What? JUNE 23? We never authorized that!! And apparently they didn’t think it was necessary to let us know?!?

We told them in no uncertain terms that June 23 was NOT possible since Tom would still be working…though we could alter our dates somewhat. Come to find out, they assigned us that delivery date because their driver has a pickup IN Jacksonville on the 24th. Sorry, not our problem. We discussed potential dates and they said they’d have to get back to us.

Ugh. We have never had this many issues with scheduling a move…EVER.

If we get what we want, we will have packing on June 23-24, loading on June 27, and delivery on July 1. My mom won’t likely be able to be here to assist (dang jury duty!), but it’s not as critical as I thought it would be since Tom will be able to be here for everything (unlike all past times when I had to do most of it by myself).

But I just don’t have a good feeling about this. I have a pit in my stomach thinking I will end up having to drive to NC in a rush (to meet our stuff), by myself, with Owen and the animals, while Tom stays behind to finish up at work and check out of the rental.

Please keep your fingers crossed for us on this one.

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