Poor little guy.

Poor little guy. His whole world has changed (disappeared) during the past three days and the outbursts and tantrums have reached an epic level (i.e. more in the past two days than his entire life). Once we realized HE realized things were missing (like when he asked for “more couch”) we started trying to say “chair gone—bye bye chair” which seemed to help. But he still had outbursts like this on and off all day (this one was just this morning after he ASKED to go out and play in the water—we took him out, but then he didn’t want to be out there).

The good thing is that for the most part, the outbursts are over within a few minutes at the most and then he calms down or goes back to being happy and playing with his cars or watching movies.

And there were really fun times, too, like when he discovered that we made him a tunnel!! And when we went and played/hid in the upstairs closet for a good 20 minutes…opening and closing the doors, saying “spooooky” and hiding from daddy.

I can’t wait until this is over and we can get back into his schedule. Everything was off yesterday due to the movers being understaffed, so instead of being done loading the truck by 5, they were here until 9:30. And since they were running behind, I postponed the carpet cleaner—so instead of him being done by 8, he was done at 10 (and he was cleaning the upstairs at Owen’s bedtime, so Owen didn’t go to bed until 9:30). But Owen was a trouper and lasted pretty well until about 9:15 when he started asking for “more nap.” So sad and cute at the same time…

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