Moving dates–finally!

The packers will be here Monday, June 27. The movers will be here Tuesday, June 28.

The carpet cleaners will be here Tuesday evening. We hope to do the checkout with the landlords (so we can see exactly what they see and be here to fight anything they might come up with—we don’t trust them to do it without us) Tuesday night as well.

If all goes well, our two-car caravan will leave sometime on Wednesday the 29th after we get the U-Haul packed. (We are still waiting to see what my mom’s schedule is, as she wants to come down to North Carolina to help watch Owen while our stuff is delivered, we unpack, and paint some rooms in the house. She’ll get there one way or another, we’re just waiting on final details. So, we MAY leave on Thursday the 30th.)

Whenever we leave, we’ll end up in Jacksonville the following day. I would love to do the drive in one day, but it’s just not going to happen. It was a 14-hour day when I did it by myself, stopping for quick bathroom breaks and take-out food—stuff not possible traveling with a U-Haul, a toddler, a dog, and two cats. Unfortunately, that also means we get to deal with a toddler, a dog, and two cats in a hotel room.


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