Random bits

I wish Owen would want to stay outside and play longer. I wish he would understand that this current weather is the best we’re going to have for probably the next three years…that it will soon be too hot to want to stay outside very long. But he usually only wants to stay outside for like 10 minutes at a time, at random times throughout the day.

He has figured out how to unlock the screen door, so he’s taken to just going outside whenever he wants (leaving the screen door open, of course). I’m trying to teach him that he has to ask to go outside, and of course that doesn’t go over very well—he collapses into his go-to whining position (crouches/squats on the floor covering his eyes with his fists and whines gently). I would call it a tantrum but it’s not that bad.

He listens and understands basic commands pretty well—which is fun—like “Bring me your juice” or “Turn your car off” and yesterday he even understood me when I told him his B was up in his room…because he went and got it! Of course, being a toddler, he doesn’t ALWAYS listen…but for the most part he does. He’s also still really good when it comes to picking up toys and putting them away.

His words are still coming along, though honestly I’m probably not keeping track as well as I should. He also seems to be repeating things more, even if he doesn’t understand. Since the last update, we have about 15 more words:

Annie => Little Einsteins character
Beanstalk => From a Little Einsteins episode
Cage => From a Little Einsteins episode
Cymbals => From a Little Einsteins episode
Helicopter => Pronounced as hector
June => Little Einsteins character
Note => From a Little Einsteins episode, as in music note
Saturn => From a Little Einsteins episode

We have taught him “please” (which comes out as peas and it’s so cute) but he thinks that’s all he has to say when he wants something. So he’ll be saying “peas! peas! peas!” but we have no idea what he wants. I keep asking him what he wants, and all I get is peas. I keep telling him that I need to know what he wants, or that he needs to say “outside please” but it’s just not getting through. If we ask him if he wants to go outside (or wants a snack or wants to watch rocket or whatever), he giggles. So, we’ve learned that giggling = yes. :)

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