Owen went potty!!

Owen peed on the potty chair tonight! Totally unexpected! We went to change him into his night diaper and he was dry. So my mom (Gramma Jean!) said “Let’s put him on the potty.”

And we did.

And encouraged him.

And waited.

And after a few minutes we pulled him off since it seemed like nothing was happening…but there was a full potty!! Oh my god—we screamed and clapped and practically threw a party!! He seemed happy, but I’m not sure if he really even knows what he did (other than from us making a fuss over it) because he was watching TV while he was on the chair and he seemed way more concerned with that than with what he was/wasn’t doing on the potty.

Oh, I know it could just be a fluke and nothing else might happen for a long time…but I have to be prepared either way.

What a way to celebrate his 27-month birthday. :)

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