Our house is for rent!

It’s official. Our rental house has been put back on the market. We knew it would happen eventually, but it still sucks. We never really keep a super clean and organized house, but it needs to be somewhat presentable for showings.

That said, we had the first two showings today. The first lady didn’t seem that interested (she flew through the house in about five minutes) so she either knew exactly what she was looking for or she hated it.

After she left, I decided to look up the listing and guess what? The property is listed as being fenced. Um, no. WE put up TEMPORARY fencing because YOUR CHEAP ASS didn’t want to split the cost of a real fence. So now we have to tell every interested person that the fence isn’t included, but we’ll make them a deal on it if they want to keep it.

Oh, and the second showing? As per the deal, we were notified by the agent…but were really surprised when the landlords showed up with the people. Yeah, THAT would have been nice to know. Not really because we would have done anything differently…it would have just been a nice heads up. I just hate having the owners walking through the house. Yes, they own it, but it still feels like an invasion of privacy. Ugh.

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